Established May 4th 2016, 4Lyfe is a small volunteer run charity based in the ACT.  We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach with pets who are in our care and fostering a community of responsible, educated pet owners.



4Lyfe Rescue is a dedicated not for profit domestic animal rescue charity service providing foster and rehoming services throughout the Canberra region for surrendered, neglected or abandoned animals and assisting pet owners to rehome animals they can no longer care for.


We are committed to promoting and contributing to responsible and educated pet ownership, practices and animal welfare in accordance with the Domestic Animals Act 2000.


4Lyfe Rescue is conducted as a not for profit association in accordance with the rules of our association, the Australian Capital Territory’s Associations Incorporation Act 1991 (the Act), the Associations Incorporation Regulation 1991 (the Regulation) and the Charities Act 2013 (Cth) (the Charities Act).