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Betsy is extremely affectionate and LOVES people and being involved in whatever her people are doing. She is a 25kg lapdog - she loves to spend an evening curled up on the couch with you, with her head (or entire body) on your lap. 

Betsy was rescued from a pound 5 months ago but unfortunately despite time, effort and training, we have been unable to desensitise Betsy to the resident cats. We are absolutely crushed at having to rehome her, because she really is just a wonderful companion. A near miss incident with the cat has left us with no choice if we are to ensure the safety of both the cats and Betsy. This means that her new home must not have cats or pocket pets.

When Betsy was first rescued she had minimal training,  but she is a very smart dog so with training (and treats) she now walks on the lead, sits, drops, shakes, stands, waits for her dinner, and goes to bed on cue. Betsy is still working on her stay, wait and recall commands. She is crate trained and happily sleeps there overnight, she also travels well in the car with her harness. 

Betsy needs a new home that is committed to continuing her obedience training - she is a teenager and does push the boundaries at times. For example, if she has not received sufficient attention or exercise she will act out - including licking, nudging, pawing or barking at you. In fact, she reminds us of a toddler on a sugar high! While we have been working on addressing these behaviours, ongoing, consistent training (and sufficient exercise) will be critical to ensure Betsy is a well mannered dog. 

Betsy madly loves other dogs, she has been attending doggy day care at Pups4Fun once a week since September. Her carers have affectionately described Betsy as a “third wheel” because she loves to be involved in whatever is happening. We feel that Betsy would really thrive in a home with another friendly energetic dog as a companion. However, please note that Betsy can be overwhelmingly excited and boisterous when meeting a new dog for the first time, which can upset shy or reserved dogs.

Betsy has also been attending obedience classes at Tuggeranong Dog Training Club and she absolutely loves learning new things. Our trainer, and her carers at doggy day care, had suggested that Betsy would be a great candidate for dog games, such as Agility or Rally-O once she had progressed more with her training.

Betsy’s favourite things are:

  • Playing with other dogs

  • Going for long walks

  • Swimming in ponds/rivers and probably the ocean (but strangely doesn’t like the garden hose)

  • Learning new things

  • Squeaky toys

  • Enrichment activities such as eating from her snuffle mat, cardboard tubes, ball pit and her frozen kong. 

  • Going out to brunch or coffee with her owners (where she lays patiently next to your table)

  • Snoozing in the sun

  • Curling up in your lap while you watch TV or read a book. 

  • Betsy’s new home must:

  • Continue her obedience training.

  • Exercise her once daily at a minimum - she is a very high energy dog, and likely has one or more working dog breeds in her background. 

  • Allow her to come inside and go outside to a yard whenever she chooses. 

  • Be an active family who includes Betsy in their daily activities.

  • Allow a home inspection, and meet and greets with all family members. 

  • *Experience with high energy dogs is a major plus*

Betsy new home must not:

  • Be first time dog owners.

  • Live in an apartment. 

  • Have cats or pocket pets.

  • Leave her alone full time during the week, unless she has a dog companion.

  • Have young children - while Betsy has been calm and gentle with toddlers she has met, her large size and boisterous nature mean she could easily knock over and injure young children.



There is a common saying with rescue dogs that it takes 3 days for the dog to decompress, 3 weeks to start to know your routine, and 3 months to start to feel at home. This was 100% accurate for Betsy. The first three weeks were really difficult, but once we got through this period, she was a really lovely companion. Only apply for Betsy if you are dedicated and willing to put in the hard work it takes to acclimatise any rescue dog to a new home. 

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